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Tick Testing Offered at the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory:

We are please to offer PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tick testing for the following pathogens:


Anaplasma phagocytophilum

Babesia microti

Borrelia burgdorferi

Borrelia lonestari

Borrelia miyamotoi

Ehrlichia species

Francisella tularensis

Rickettsia rickettsii



Ticks received at the CVMDL are first examined and identified using a microscope. This process determines the species of tick, life stage, and degree of blood engorgement, all of which are factors that may impact transmission of pathogens to the person or animal (the host). Ticks may then be tested for the DNA of pathogens that are known to be transmitted by that tick species.

Results are reported within 3-5 business days of receiving the sample. Two business days RUSH testing is available for an additional fee.

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How to Submit a Tick:
Remove the tick and keep as intact as possible. Do not attempt to crush the tick.
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Place the tick in a zip-lock bag with a small piece of damp paper towel. (Submitting in anything else, like Vaseline or alcohol, may interfere with testing.)
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Make sure the bag is completely sealed and place securely in a second zip-lock bag.
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Complete the submission form (review the Do’s and Don’ts of submitting a tick on page 2 of the submission form.)
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Mail or deliver in person, place the submission form and tick in a bubble or cushioned mailer to protect the tick during transport. It is our recommendation that you use an overnight carrier such as UPS or Fedex.
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