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Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory

Faculty & Staff


Dr. Joan Smyth,
MVB(University College Dublin), Ph.D. (Queens University, Belfast, N. Ireland), Diplomate, European College of Veterinary Pathologists, MRCVS (Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons). Dr. Smyth has expertise in Pathology of mammals and birds. Her research interests include comparative pathology including animal models for human disease, clostridial enteritis, circoviruses, and adenoviruses.

Associate Director

Dr. Kirklyn M. Kerr,
B.S. (West Virginia University), D.V.M. (Ohio State University), M.S. (West Virginia University), Ph.D. (Texas A&M University), Diplomate. ( American College of Veterinary Pathologists).
Dr. Kerr's research interests are Pathogenesis of infectious disease of poultry, pathogenesis of Mycoplasma-induced disease of food animals, and experimental diagnostic veterinary pathology.


Dr. Mazhar I. Khan,

B.V.S. (Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan), M.P.V.M., Ph.D. (University of California, Davis). Dr. Khan has expertise in poultry and pet bird pathology and is particularly interested in molecular diagnostic techniques for identification of mycoplasmas and Salmonella.

Dr. Neha Mishra,

PhD (University of Connecticut), Diplomate (American College of Veterinary Pathology), MS (University of Connecticut), MVSc (G.B Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar, India), BVSc (Indira Gandhi Agriculture University, Raipur, India). Dr. Mishra has interests in mammals including lab animals, avian and exotic species. Her research interests include Clostridium perfringens, application of proteogenomics for understanding pathogenesis of clostridial enteritis in different species and vaccine development against necrotic enteritis.

Dr. Guillermo Risatti,

D.V.M. (Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto, Argentina), M.S., Ph.D. (University of Nebraska). Dr. Risatti is acting Section Head for Diagnostic Testing Services including diagnostic microbiology, serology, virology, molecular diagnostics and parasitology.

Emeritus Professor - Dr. H. J. Van Kruiningen,

D.V.M., Ph.D. (Cornell University), M.D. (Brown University), Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathologists. Dr. Van Kruiningen has expertise in diagnostic pathology with special interests in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and wildlife diseases.

Other faculty in the Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science include

Dr. Sylvain DeGuise,
D.V.M., I.P.S.A.V., M.Sc., PhD., whose interests are in immunology, immunotoxicology and pathology of aquatic animals, particularly marine mammals and oysters.
Dr. Steven J. Geary,
Ph.D., whose major interest is in molecular microbiology, particularly pathogenic factors of mycoplasmas
Dr. Antonio E. Garmendia,
D.V.M., Ph.D., who has particular interest in immunology, particularly herpes viruses such as pseudorabies and immunology of the porcine species.
Dr. Paulo Verardi,
PhD., whose interests are in vaccine development, ehanced safety and efficacy of recombinant viral vectors such as vaccinia virus (VACV), biodefense, zoonotic, and emerging disease, including vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Retrovirology, including simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) as a model for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Viral immunology, pathogenesis, and immunomodulation, Oncolytic viral therapy and gene therapy, Molecular virology and synthetic biology.
Dr. Milton Levin,
Ph.D., who has a particular interest in the development and application of the effects of biomarkers to evaluate the health of humans and wildlife species upon exposure to anthropogenic and natural environmental contaminants. Applying the risk assesment approach to quantify the probability of harmful effects on an exposed population and facilitating the transfer of laboratory data to appropriate public/wildlife health officials to help manage, reduce, and/or mitigate the negative impacts of contaminants.



  • Dr. Mizuki Heishima, BVSc, DVM
  • Dr. Emily Reinhardt, BVM&S
  • Dr. Sean Stockwell, DVM, MPH, DACPVM
  • Dr. Kristin Vyhnal, DVM
  • Helal, Zeinab, Research Assistant I, Molecular Diagnostics
  • Hunt, Amelia, Technical Assistant II, Necropsy/Courier/Admissions
  • Jackman, Ione, Academic Assistant III, Histology
  • Long, Denise, Laboratory Technician III, Histology
  • Molly McCauley, Technical Assistant I, Admissions/ Necropsy/Trimming
  • Mcginnis, Holly,Technical Assistant I, Regulatory Serology
  • Polkowski, Robert, Research Assistant I, Microbiology/Mastitis
  • Sale, Jennifer, Administrative Services Specialist
  • Sims, Maureen, Technical Assistant I, Serology
  • Stachowiak, Aaron, Quality Assurance Manager
  • Weidig, Vickie, Program Specialist