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Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory


Submission Forms :

Filling out submittal forms and delivering specimens to the CVMDL serves as a review and agreement by the client/submitter that requested work will be performed by the CVMDL. CVMDL will notify the client/submitter if requested testing/work is outside of the laboratory's scope. Samples submitted for testing that is outside of CVMDL scope can be forwarded to an alternate testing laboratory of the submitter's request. All fees associated with testing and shipping are the responsibility of the submitting client.

pdf forms below can be filled online on Google Chrome. If the form is not fillable, please view in a different browser or print and complete manually. Fillable forms will then need to either print and submit in person, mail, or fax. Alternatively, you can save the form on your device and email to

PDF Format Avian Necropsy Form PDF Format Serology, Microbiology, and Molecular Diagnostics Sub Form
PDF Format Aquatic Pathology Submission Form PDF Format Sheep and Goat Necropsy Form
PDF Format Biopsy Form PDF Format Tick Testing Form
PDF Format Histology Submission Form PDF Format Necropsy Authorization for Services
PDF Format General Necropsy Form PDF Format Avian Disease Surveillance Form
PDF Format Mastitis Submission Form PDF Format Rabies Only Testing Request

Please refer to the Fee Schedule