CALLING THE LABORATORY - (860) 486-3738 or Email us at

Our staff is available to speak with you during business hours. Messages may be left on our voice-mail system after business hours; calls will be returned the following business morning. Please note animals are accepted until 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

When requesting test results, it is helpful to have the following information on hand when you call:

  • Name and telephone number of the referring veterinarian, animal owner, or third party submitter
  • Accession number of the case in question (if known)
  • Name and/or ID number of the animal(s)
  • Test(s) requested

By providing this information you will help our staff access the information in our computer system and answer your questions quickly and efficiently.


Preliminary Results - When multiple tests are requested, results for tests completed are provided to the submitter before the final report is completed. Preliminary results can be reported by Email or fax. Please indicate your preference on the submission form when submitting samples for testing.

Pathology Results - Preliminary results, with any provisional diagnoses and recommended ancillary tests, are provided by email to the referring veterinarian or other submitter of the animal within 24 hours of the examination. (Ancillary tests are performed at the discretion of the pathologist assigned to a case.) Turnaround time for a necropsy case is generally 10-30 business days depending on complexity of the case. Communication regarding necropsy and biopsy test results can be directed to the main laboratory number 860- 486-3738. Some tests, including virus isolation, fungal culture and tests performed at referral laboratories may take additional time (test dependent). Turnaround time for biopsies is approximately 2 business days.

Written Final Reports - After all testing has been completed, a written report of results is normally emailed to the submitting veterinarian. Alternatively, a hard copy may be mailed or faxed upon request.

Please check spam/clutter/junk for missing emailed results.


Submissions for tests not performed in our laboratory will be referred to other veterinary diagnostic laboratories. Our laboratory will repackage the sample(s), complete appropriate referral submission forms, and ship by overnight courier service.

Our laboratory will monitor the progress of referral test results. All referrals will be tracked in our computer system; do not hesitate to call with questions concerning progress.

Results are generally faxed to our laboratory, then either phoned or faxed to the submitting veterinarian by our laboratory staff.

A shipping and processing fee will be applied to tests referred to other laboratories, in addition to the cost of the test(s). This fee is $25 for most submissions. Larger shipments or those requiring special handling may incur higher charges.