Mailing & Courier Services

Courier Services

The CVMDL has been working with Yankee Courier Services, LLC. for picking up animals that are intended or require necropsy services. Yankee courier will travel to your clinic/hospital, farm, or home and retrieve animals that have died and are destined for necropsy and diagnosis (with the exception of adult cattle and horses, see below)

Animals must be packaged in the following manner for transport with Yankee Courier Services, LLC

  • Deceased Animal(s) need to be chilled to refrigeration temperatures before packaging. Animals should only be frozen if there are no other options, or if it will take more than 2 days for the animal to be delivered to CVMDL.
  • The deceased animal must be wrapped with an inner leakproof bag securely sealed to prevent leaking. Sealing with plastic packaging tape or zip ties is advised. Zipper lock bags are preferred when size allows.
  • Place the inner back inside a second leak-proof bag, with sufficient absorbent material (disposable diapers or puppy training pads are ideal) and freezer packs. Do not use ice, ice will cause leaking in the package. If the package is leaking the courier will not pick up the animal and you will still be charged the courier fee.
  • Place animal into a sturdy cardboard carton, cooler, or plastic/Rubbermaid tote; seal the container shut. Any packaging material sent with the animal will not be returned.
  • If an animal is not appropriately packaged when the courier arrives, the courier will not pick up the animal and you will be charged the courier fee.
  • Live Animals must also be sent in a box or animal carrier. If using a box, you must tape the box closed and provide air holes for the animal. Do not send the animal with a feed and water supply. Any packaging material sent with the animal will not be returned.
  • Each box, cooler, carton, animal crate, etc must be labeled with your address and telephone number so that we may contact you with questions.
  • Submittal paperwork (see submission forms) must either accompany the animal or arrive prior to the delivery. Forms may be filled out, printed, and either emailed to or faxed to 860-486-3936.

To set an appointment for the courier please call Yankee Courier at 860-386-0802.
For transportation of adult horses please contact Connecticut Horse Cremations at 860-881-7802 or 860-881-7823.

Other Couriers who have also delivered to CVMDL

  • Corporate Courier: 212-971-0114 (NY based)
  • Expressway Courier: 800-955-1755
  • Mail Delivery & Courier Service (MDCS): 203-922-9218
  • MediCourier: 203-975-9900
  • Pro Courier: 203-353-8898

Mailing Services

    Samples should be submitted to the CVMDL in the most timely manner possible to prevent deterioration and ensure diagnostic integrity. Overnight or next-day shipments are highly recommended when shipping specimens. The following shipping services are recommended by our laboratory: U.S. Postal Service First Class or Express Mail; Federal Express; Airborne Express; or United Parcel Service (UPS). Please note that weekend delivery is not possible due to the unavailability of receiving personnel. After-hours submissions are limited to animal carcasses for necropsy. Specimens should be sent to arrive at the CVMDL no later than 4:00 p.m. on the day before the Test Day specified in this user guide.

    Samples submitted by a shipping service should be packaged following the shipping guidelines and requirements provided by the service. The U.S. Postal Service provides the following guidelines for the shipment of biological materials. The proper preparation for shipment of diagnostic specimens requires:

    • A leak-proof container non-permeable to the contents
    • Absorbent material sufficient to soak up contents in case of leakage
    • Non-dripping coolant, such as cold packs (do not use ice cubes)
    • A sealed inner container
    • A sealed plastic bag containing submission form(s) placed outside the inner container
    • An outer container, such as a styrofoam-lined box.
    • For samples that require cooling but not freezing, make certain cold packs are not in direct contact with samples.

    Many courier services may refuse to handle any package that shows signs of internal breakage, dripping, or dampness. Diagnostic specimens reasonably believed to contain an etiologic agent should be packaged to withstand leakage of contents, shocks, pressure changes, and other conditions incident to ordinary handling in transportation. As the shipper, you could be held legally responsible for improperly packaged specimens. For more information on the proper packaging of diagnostic specimens, please visit the following website:

    Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) - title 42 - part 72: Interstate Shipment of Etiologic Agents

    AVMA Guidelines for Additional Details

    Discounted Shipping Labels

    To order Discounted Shipping Labels or Biopsy Mailers, follow this link.pdf. You can then email or print and fax your completed order form to our office.

    ***Please note discounted shipping labels are for samples being sent for microbiology, serology or molecular diagnostics.  Best practice for necropsy submissions is to submit in person or through a direct courier.***