It is the policy of the CVMDL that all case records, personal information, and proprietary information are confidential. Such records will be reported to the client/submitter and will not be made available to any other individual without proper written consent, except as required by state or federal law.  Case records, involving reportable disease and state animal health programs, are  made available to that cases originating states’ Animal Health Official, State Veterinarian, or designee.

 CVMDL personnel, including external personnel or entities (i.e. IT personnel) with privileged access,  will maintain confidentiality and not disclose a client’s name, address, or telephone number, billing information, gross necropsy findings, and related documentation, including molecular, serological or microbiological findings, ancillary or referral testing requests or results, histopathologic findings or results, morphologic or final diagnoses, complaint/resolutions, proprietary information, as well as all photographs and/or radiographic images.

Results derived from testing performed at or on behalf of the CVMDL may be used for statistical surveillance of animal and/or human health. As part of this process, CVMDL provides health information to programs, which are part of state or federal entities engaged in public health surveillance in compliance with state and federal laws. All reasonable efforts to keep personal information confidential and do not disclose personal identifiers will be made. While strictly maintaining client/submitter confidentiality, CVMDL and other state and federal entities may use the data to produce reports and publications. De-identified case histories, laboratory results, radiographs, tissue sections, and organs or parts of organs may be used for educational purposes.

In the event that an animal or animals have been seized by a local or state agency, all case data, including phone messages, case histories, laboratory results, written reports, faxes, e-mails, radiographs, and photos are reported or forwarded solely to the agency entrusted with care, custody, and control of said animal(s).

Any problems or concerns with the release of the case and/or accession records that are not provided for in this statement will be referred to the Laboratory Director.


Filling out submittal forms and delivering specimens to the CVMDL serves as a review and agreement by the client/submitter that requested work will be performed by the CVMDL. CVMDL will notify the client/submitter if the requested testing/work is outside of the laboratory’s scope. Samples submitted for testing that is outside of CVMDL scope can be forwarded to an alternate testing laboratory at the submitter’s request. All fees associated with testing and shipping are the responsibility of the submitting client.

Specimens and samples submitted to the CVMDL for investigation* become the property of the CVMDL. Samples and specimens may be tested as part of State/Federal surveillance programs. Test results may be shared with relevant Local, State, or Federal agencies as required by law. Anonymized samples, specimens, and test results may be, used in the teaching of students, in professional publications, or in the development of new assays.

*Excludes tissues or clinical samples submitted by PIs as part of their research.


The veterinarian, pet owner, or third party requesting services is responsible for payment for laboratory services performed. Generally, the submitting veterinarian will be billed, except for specimens delivered to the laboratory direct by the owner or a third party, who may pay at the time of submission.

Fees may be periodically adjusted to reflect changes in labor and supply costs. Charges are itemized on the original statement issued by the University’s Accounts Receivable office. Bills are generally sent to clients early in the month following the month during which testing was completed. The original bill consists of two parts: an invoice which should be returned with your payment, and a “Transaction Detail” which provides details of all tests and services provided. All payments are due upon receipt of the bill.
Payments should be made to the: University of Connecticut and mailed to:

Accounts Receivable,
Wilbur Cross Building
233 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4231
Storrs, CT 06269-2073.

We accept Discover, Mastercard, and Visa card payments. To pay by credit card you need to call the lab directly at 860-486-3738.

If you have questions regarding your bill, please contact the CVMDL office at (860) 486-3738. Please refer to your assigned account number and date of the bill in any calls or correspondence relating to billing questions.
To ensure proper handling of account records, please notify the CVMDL immediately of any change in name of the practice, address, phone number, or fax number.

Failure to keep your account current may subject you to the collection and/or placement on COD status. CVMDL reserves the right to withhold results pending payment on COD or delinquent accounts.


Testing fees may vary between in-state (Connecticut) and out-of-state clients. Please refer to the “Test Schedule” section of this user guide, or contact the laboratory for details.